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Classification method of textile fabrics:

1. Classification by different processing methods

(1) Woven fabric: a fabric made of yarns arranged vertically, namely, transverse and longitudinal systems, interweaved on the loom according to certain rules. Denim, brocade, board, linen, etc.

(2) Knitted fabric: a fabric formed by knitting yarn into a circle, which is divided into weft and warp knitting. a. Weft knitted fabric is a kind of knitting machine which feeds weft from weft to the working needle of knitting machine, which makes the yarn bend into a circle in sequence and wear each other. b. Warp knitted fabric is made of a group or groups of parallel yarn, which is fed into all working needles of the knitting machine and is made into a circle at the same time.

(3) Nonwovens: the loose fibers are bonded or sewn. At present, two methods of adhesion and puncture are mainly used. This method can greatly simplify the process, reduce costs and improve labor productivity, and has a broad development prospect.

2. Classification of yarn raw materials by fabric composition

(1) Pure Textile: the raw materials for fabric are all made of the same fiber, including cotton fabric, wool fabric, silk fabric, polyester fabric, etc.

(2) Mixed fabric: the raw materials for fabric are made of two or more different kinds of fibers, which are made of yarn by blending, including polyester adhesive, polyester nitrile, polyester cotton and other blended fabrics.

(3) Mixed fabric: the raw material for fabric is made of two kinds of single yarn, which is made of the yarn formed by combining, including low elastic polyester filament and medium long mixed fabric, and also polyester short fiber and low elasticity polyester filament mixed to form strand line.

(4) Weaving fabric: the two directions of fabric system are made of different fiber yarn, antique satin interwoven by silk rayon, nylon and rayon.

3. Classification by whether the raw materials of fabric are dyed or not

(1) White fabric: raw materials without bleaching and dyeing are processed and made into fabrics. Silk fabrics are also called raw fabrics.

(2) Color fabric: the raw material or fancy line after bleaching and dyeing is processed to form a fabric. Silk fabric is also known as the familiar fabric.


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